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With Durable Designs behind us all the way, Austin Realty Group is in a prime position to make all of your family’s home and real estate dreams come true!

Durable Designs has been making families’ dream homes reality since 2001. But there are times when important elements are missing from a property. Perhaps the location no longer serves the family. Everything changes when the kids reach school age! Conversely, everything changes when the kids leave home! Perhaps the neighborhood doesn’t have the feel or the amenities your family wants. Sometimes, no matter how many renovations are made, the property is just not right for the family. Paula Austin, co-owner of Durable Designs, became a licensed real estate agent and broker to serve families in this exact situation. If your property can be turned into your family’s dream home, the Durable Designs team can make it happen. If it is time to start fresh, Paula and the Austin Realty Group can put your current property on the market for you while helping you find the new home of your family’s dreams!

Durable Designs is already Northeast Alabama’s trusted provider of design and construction services. By combining efforts, Austin Realty Group can also guide you through the entire process of listing your current property for sale and/or helping you find and purchase the home your family has always wanted.

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